Week 4 – Is the Old Blueprint Starting to Emerge?

Since I was out of town for 5 days last week, I came back FIRED UP after my conference in Las Vegas. Oh I had so much passion and fire inside of me!! The first part of the week I was positive, radiant, on fire! Then…I had to play catch up! Now…I was working swiftly and with desire, but by Wednesday, I was tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed again. Yikes! The fire wasn’t as strong. The desire was lacking again. NOOOO!!!!

The interior of a clean white refrigerator showing a solitary green apple

Is this the old blueprint in me coming out? You BETCHA! What happened?! Why was I so fired up and now the flame isn’t quite as strong? Life…Life took over again. Old habits die hard! I was still doing my reading, although not as “on target” as I was supposed to. I was so busy trying to catch up on my business, I had my kids the whole week (normally I split custody with their father), I have no food in my fridge, piles of laundry, and no energy to complete it all.

So what did I do?? I read. I read more than I needed. I NEEDED that fire back! I NEEDED to go back to what we were trying to do in this MKMMA course! It worked! This morning I woke up a little “down and depressed” (old blueprint!!) but I said to myself that I was going to do some amazing things today. I said it LOUD! Did I believe it? Nope. I wanted to. Did my subby hear it? YES!!!!

Today I sat at an open house (I’m a Realtor at my “day job”). I showed 2 homes to 2 different buyers, both are going to write up offers tomorrow. I also listed another house that will go on the market tomorrow. All in all, it was an EXTREMELY successful day! Yahoo!!!! I’M BACK!!


Let’s go light up the world with our experience! Let’s tell everyone about the MKMMA experience. Let’s tell everyone that we can THINK ourselves into succes!


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