Master Key Week 2 – Reading is Fundamental

This week has been interesting! I read a lot, but making the effort to read every morning, noon, and night has definitely been a challenge. At the end of the day, after a full day of work and children, it’s 9pm and I still have to clean up from dinner or do a load of laundry or get the kids’ backpacks ready for school the next day. When I FINALLY get a few moments to relax, my brain is on overdrive and trying to focus on the words or trying to keep my brain alert to retain the reading has been a real challenge. I know that it’s my old blueprint hard at work!

This week I celebrated by 35th birthday. I love my birthday. It’s always a fun time to have so many people take a moment out of their day to call, text, reach out and wish me a happy day. The month of October is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, it’s also Breast Cancer awareness month (lots of PINK!), the air begins to chill, and the leaves turn beautiful fall colors. It has always been my favorite month! On my birthday, I woke up in a great mood and excited about the day. Eventually the realization of being 35 hit me. Geez this past year has flown by. Each year seems to go by faster and faster. As a mom of two young boys, my days and weeks are filled not only with my own responsibilities but with their activities as well. Each day it seems as if my calendar is filling up faster and faster. Where does the time go?!! My 8 year old said to me last week “Mom, just 8 more years and I will be able to drive.” He was happy, of course, and I wanted to cry! I am half way done with the years until he starts driving and I honestly feel like I still haven’t mastered this whole “MOM” thing! It doesn’t even feel like it’s been 8 years since I had him. It feels like I have been a mom my entire life and I couldn’t image days without my kids. How boring would life be!?!

As the day of my birthday ended, I sat down in front of my computer and wrote a note to myself. My present to myself, drink less, exercise more. Eat out less, cook more. Go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier. Work more on my profession, less on social media. Work more in my leadership roles, less on happy hours. Read more. Inspire myself. This won’t happen overnight and it just might take me the entire year to accomplish all of it. It is a slow process, a crock pot, not a quick-fix microwave. This time next year, when I’m one year closer to 40, just thinking of the person I will become is exciting. My ultimate goal is to inspire my kids to desire to be the best version of themselves b/c they see ME be the best version of me! And if this post inspired just ONE person, then it’s completely worth it.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to belong to such a great mastermind group. MKMMA will help me make my birthday present become reality, one day at a time, one read at a time. I’m pushing my old blueprint to the side and making room for the new one. I dare you to do the same!


One thought on “Master Key Week 2 – Reading is Fundamental

  1. Great post. I admire how you opened up and let us in. For many it seems the hardest part is recognizing the concrete before you can chip it away. I think you have a good jump on that. I can’t wait to see how you evolve the next few months. As for the reading, sometimes it is hard to find the time. I always visualize an energy in me that strives to do the reading; it is my reward for getting through the day. I repeat ‘Do It Now’ 25x to pump me up, then knock it out. If I find myself floating off, I repeat the ‘do it now’ exercise. Maybe that could help! PS. Happy Birthday!


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