Week 4 – Is the Old Blueprint Starting to Emerge?

Since I was out of town for 5 days last week, I came back FIRED UP after my conference in Las Vegas. Oh I had so much passion and fire inside of me!! The first part of the week I was positive, radiant, on fire! Then…I had to play catch up! Now…I was working swiftly and with desire, but by Wednesday, I was tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed again. Yikes! The fire wasn’t as strong. The desire was lacking again. NOOOO!!!!

The interior of a clean white refrigerator showing a solitary green apple

Is this the old blueprint in me coming out? You BETCHA! What happened?! Why was I so fired up and now the flame isn’t quite as strong? Life…Life took over again. Old habits die hard! I was still doing my reading, although not as “on target” as I was supposed to. I was so busy trying to catch up on my business, I had my kids the whole week (normally I split custody with their father), I have no food in my fridge, piles of laundry, and no energy to complete it all.

So what did I do?? I read. I read more than I needed. I NEEDED that fire back! I NEEDED to go back to what we were trying to do in this MKMMA course! It worked! This morning I woke up a little “down and depressed” (old blueprint!!) but I said to myself that I was going to do some amazing things today. I said it LOUD! Did I believe it? Nope. I wanted to. Did my subby hear it? YES!!!!

Today I sat at an open house (I’m a Realtor at my “day job”). I showed 2 homes to 2 different buyers, both are going to write up offers tomorrow. I also listed another house that will go on the market tomorrow. All in all, it was an EXTREMELY successful day! Yahoo!!!! I’M BACK!!


Let’s go light up the world with our experience! Let’s tell everyone about the MKMMA experience. Let’s tell everyone that we can THINK ourselves into succes!

Week 3 – THINK and it will manifest!

This week I had the GREAT pleasure of attending the Go Pro Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery event! The event was held in Las Vegas and it was 3 days long. While a lot of it was geared towards network marketers, I believe that the event is so much more than that! I got to hear from Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and so many more legends!

The theme of the event was pretty much what we are learning in our MKMMA class! I was blown away! Bob Proctor was my favorite speaker. He has read parts of Think and Grow Rich EVERYDAY for at least 15 minutes a day for the past 55 years! Wow!! Talk about the power of THINKING big! Mark J has NAILED it right on the head with this wonderful course. Think it and it will happen! Change your subby. Change your paradigm. All of us right now taking this course are changing our blueprint, changing our paradigm, changing our thinking deep down into our subby. Once we change our blueprint then magical things WILL happen.

Tony Robbins was fantastic as well. He focused a lot on giving and being positive. Wait…what?! Yes! You heard that correctly! Giving and being positive. Where have we heard that before?? Oh yea, MKMMA! Again, Mark J is SPOT ON!

Everything that Mark J & the fabulous Davene are teaching us is exactly what the theme of the weekend in Las Vegas was focusing on. What an awesome thing to come home to! Knowing that I’m heading in the right direction. We are ALL heading in the right direction. Since this wonderful course is 26 weeks long, it WILL be a habit. We ARE replacing our bad habits for good habits. All of us are doing some wonderful things both internally and externally. I cannot wait to see where we are in just 26 short weeks!


Master Key Week 2 – Reading is Fundamental

This week has been interesting! I read a lot, but making the effort to read every morning, noon, and night has definitely been a challenge. At the end of the day, after a full day of work and children, it’s 9pm and I still have to clean up from dinner or do a load of laundry or get the kids’ backpacks ready for school the next day. When I FINALLY get a few moments to relax, my brain is on overdrive and trying to focus on the words or trying to keep my brain alert to retain the reading has been a real challenge. I know that it’s my old blueprint hard at work!

This week I celebrated by 35th birthday. I love my birthday. It’s always a fun time to have so many people take a moment out of their day to call, text, reach out and wish me a happy day. The month of October is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, it’s also Breast Cancer awareness month (lots of PINK!), the air begins to chill, and the leaves turn beautiful fall colors. It has always been my favorite month! On my birthday, I woke up in a great mood and excited about the day. Eventually the realization of being 35 hit me. Geez this past year has flown by. Each year seems to go by faster and faster. As a mom of two young boys, my days and weeks are filled not only with my own responsibilities but with their activities as well. Each day it seems as if my calendar is filling up faster and faster. Where does the time go?!! My 8 year old said to me last week “Mom, just 8 more years and I will be able to drive.” He was happy, of course, and I wanted to cry! I am half way done with the years until he starts driving and I honestly feel like I still haven’t mastered this whole “MOM” thing! It doesn’t even feel like it’s been 8 years since I had him. It feels like I have been a mom my entire life and I couldn’t image days without my kids. How boring would life be!?!

As the day of my birthday ended, I sat down in front of my computer and wrote a note to myself. My present to myself, drink less, exercise more. Eat out less, cook more. Go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier. Work more on my profession, less on social media. Work more in my leadership roles, less on happy hours. Read more. Inspire myself. This won’t happen overnight and it just might take me the entire year to accomplish all of it. It is a slow process, a crock pot, not a quick-fix microwave. This time next year, when I’m one year closer to 40, just thinking of the person I will become is exciting. My ultimate goal is to inspire my kids to desire to be the best version of themselves b/c they see ME be the best version of me! And if this post inspired just ONE person, then it’s completely worth it.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to belong to such a great mastermind group. MKMMA will help me make my birthday present become reality, one day at a time, one read at a time. I’m pushing my old blueprint to the side and making room for the new one. I dare you to do the same!

Master Key Week 1 – The Struggle is REAL My Friends!

We have completed our first week of the Master Keys Mastermind Experience! Honestly, this has been a rough week! I had/have so many negative thoughts and feelings about myself going through my mind day in and day out. The struggle is REAL! I’m not good enough. I’m fat. I’m too tired. I’m exhausted. I will never be able to completed that “rank, sale, whatever”. Blah, blah, blah…you name it, I’m sure I’ve said it to myself. I think that once we get into a cycle of negative self-talk, we tend to be SO far down the rabbit hole before we really realize the effect that it is having on each of us. I started noticing the effect about 6 months ago. I kept trying to change it and I said that what I was doing wasn’t good, but I still continued to say things like that to myself! Now…fast forward…I was laying in bed and I was saying to myself “Geez I sure wish that I could take that MKMMA course again (I took it in 2013) and I woke up the next day and decided to search for the course and see when it was available. BAM! Guess what, the applications were due THAT NIGHT! Now…if you guys consider that “coincidence” then you will soon learn that I feel something totally different. I believe that things happen for a reason. I hadn’t thought about the MKMMA experience a whole lot over the past two years, but that night I thought about it so much that the first thing I did was search for it and I found it all over again. To say that I feel like that NEED to be here would be an understatement!

See, what makes this even more bizarre is that since 2013, my last MKMMA experience, I have reverted back to my maiden name (divorce prior to 2013 class but held onto my married last name) and I had switched email addresses. So I wasn’t getting updates on classes. I wasn’t getting updated on Go90Grow. I wasn’t getting anything! I KNOW the value in this course and I searched it out. I know the MASSIVE change that I saw in me in 2013 and I’m ready for that again!

We all have huge changes that take place in our lives. I was married for 6 years, divorced in 2010. Met a great guy in 2012. Dating him, he proposed, we were engaged, then something “clicked” and I realized that I couldn’t marry that man for various reasons that are way too big for a blog. I broke off the engagement in Dec 2014. Ironically, breaking off that engagement was harder on me than going through my divorce. My self esteem had taken a hit over the previous year, I started gaining weight, I started doubting myself, and breaking it off with him for the last time (there were many times before that) was a very strong moment for me, but it HURT and it has deeply affected me. I went into a large depression. Tried to eat myself out of it. Gained a ton of weight, which affected my self esteem even more, and now it has been 10 months and I have had my self-pity-party for long enough. It’s time to make CHANGES! I’m ready to get up. I’m ready to stand straight and tall. I’m ready to love myself again!

This week the challenge has been getting up early enough in the morning to read and the most difficult struggle is the 15 min sit! I honestly don’t remember it being this hard the first time! I swear that I fall asleep but yet I’ve been hypnotized in the past and the therapist always said that I wasn’t asleep, I was hypnotized. She also told me that there are ways to self-hypnotize. So maybe that is what the 15 min sit is doing to me? Maybe that is mediating? Or maybe I’m falling asleep sitting straight up b/c that is what single mothers of two young son’s, working full time, volunteering/leading community organizations, does when we have to sit still for even a moment! Honestly, I don’t think that I will ever fully know the truth.

I’m beyond exciting. I’m a dry sponge, withering away, and I’m ready to drink the water and soak it all up! I know that I was sent here for a purpose!!!!!